Why do people shout in anger? – A wonderful answer by a sage

The conversation in this post is a part of a story of a sage and his disciples on seeing a married couple shouting each other with anger.

On seeing the couple shouting at each other, the sage asked his disciples, “Why do people shout in anger?” One of the disciples told, we will loose our control of emotions when we get angry and shout at others. Another disciple told, they have to prove that they are emotionally stronger than others.

The sage replied, “When two people are angry with each other, their hearts get more distant. To cover the distance between two hearts, they have to shout at the other one. Likewise, when two people discuss, they do in a simple manner, no need to shout at others to convey their feelings. When two people are in love, they need not even talk, they understand each other’s feelings even by an eye blink. They do not need any conversation between them. That is why when you are angry at someone, donot let your hearts more distant which lets people to become more distant.”


Working on Python

As a member of Free and Open Source Software club , I was told to start learning python . As I am new to Object Oriented Programming , I found a bit difficult to understand some of the concepts . I have been following the sessions on IRC channel by Durgapur Linux Users Group #dgplug channel on freenode . I am following the tutorial provided by them in this link .

Meanwhile I have got an assignment to add two numbers from excel sheet and display the result in the terminal . In Ubuntu , I did it by installing and importing xlrd module by the command :

sudo apt-get install python-xlrd

The python code is in the Github Link . This python code is executed by the command in the terminal :

python example.py

This will give the output as the sum of the numbers in that cells . If you want you can make more changes to the code and see how python works !


Installing Ubuntu alongside Windows from iso files

This is brief post focused on installing Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS .  Other flavours of the operating systems can be installed in a similar way .

Installing Windows

  • Make sure that you have a proper ISO file of required version. You can download it from the link(It downloads via Windows media creation tool. So no need to make the USB bootable). An USB of minimum size 4 GB is required.
  • Restart the system and boot from the USB, start the Windows setup.
  • While installing if you got an error” Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style”, then you have to clean up the disk  and make it of MBR type. Check out this page.
  • You have to give some particulars and the setup takes some time to complete.

Installing Ubuntu

  • Download the Ubuntu desktop ISO file from the Desktop page.
  • To make the USB (of minimum size  2 GB) bootable  in windows, rufus is to be installed (There are many other methods), burn the ISO file in rufus.
  • Before installing make sure that you have backup of your files in Windows.
  • Boot from the USB and Try Ubuntu. Check whether everything is working good like audio playback, brightness control.
  • Select something else in the dialogue box (Be careful in this step because erase disk may format your files and the pre-installed  Windows).
  • Make partitions for boot and the swap areas. The boot area should be of type FAT 32 and it must be at least 20 GB. The swap area should be minimum of half size of RAM.
  • Follow the procedure and give required details, the setup takes few minutes to complete.


My First Post!

Hello! I am in wordpress to share my thoughts and would like to get suggestions regarding technical stuff . I will be glad if any of my posts coming soon helps any one .

About me

I am a Computer Science student from Amrita School of Engineering . I have studied in Anantapur district , Andhra Pradesh . I like learning languages technical and regional too . I have started working with angular js and animations in webpages . I hope that might be interesting .

Any suggestions and opinions regarding my posts are always accepted:).